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Entry #1

A bit about myself

2008-12-28 01:14:43 by DragonKazooie89

Just to let you guys know, I joined here just to comment and enjoy flash movies, games and music. I lack the proper software to make my own when it comes to Flash videos and games and I;m not that great at composing music (trust me I've tried). However I have a lot of great ideas I for songs I would like to hear but I lack the necessary skills.

Anyway, I'm 19 years old, a college students at DeVry University online and on my way to get my Bachelor's degree in Game and Simulation Programming. I spend most of my time in front of my computer, whether it is online, working on some art or graphics, playing games, or listening to music. Because of this, I am usually unavailable.

You can also check me out here:
My DeviantArt Gallery
My Fanfiction.net Account
My YouTube Account


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2009-02-12 10:54:58

Hey, sweetie! :D Glad you joined NG. *Hugs*